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Pediatric gynecologist in Mykolaiv

There is a mistaken opinion that visit to gynecologist is necessary only for an adult woman.

In fact, there is pediatric gynecology aimed at identifying, preventing and treating gynecological diseases in girls under 18.

The first visit to pediatric gynecologist can take place even in infancy: the doctor examines the external genitalia for structural abnormalities.

Why visiting gynecologist for a child?

Newborns receive hormone, estrogen, along with their mother’s milk. It can provoke a slight swelling of mammary glands, this is considered normal and should not bother parents. The norm includes minor vaginal discharge, which must be carefully cleaned when changing a diaper or napkins. Even little girls may need gynecological treatment.

For example, one of the common pathologies is synechia or labial adhesion caused by acute allergic reactions, improper hygiene of the external organs. Parents should pay attention to redness of the skin in the genital area, the baby-girl may be anxious, shrink at a touch to problematic zone. In this case it is necessary to visit pediatric gynecologist.

With the growth and development of the girl, her hormonal background begins to change. This process is not always pleasant: early swelling of the mammary glands can be observed (at 8 years and earlier). A similar sign may indicate an excessive amount of hormones in the blood and the malfunction of glands.

In order to detect and treat the disease in time, it is necessary to visit a pediatric gynecologist regularly. The gynecologist will help the child go through hormonal changes painlessly, identify possible deviations in time, and, if necessary, refer to pediatric endocrinologist. Disease prevention reduces the risk of developing dangerous pathologies of the reproductive system causing serious diseases and infertility. The gynecologist also helps to select contraception for adolescents, conducts educational work related to issues of early sexual life, sexually transmitted diseases, teenage pregnancy.

Visit frequency to gynecologist

It is recommended to visit pediatric gynecologist for routine examination every year for control over development of reproductive system. But there are periods when consultation by specialist is required. For example, you should consult a doctor when the child is 8 years old - at this time one of the bursts of hormonal activity is observed. In addition, a specialist will teach the girl proper hygiene.

The second important period is the beginning of menstruation. For some girls, the process is unpleasant, accompanied by abdominal cramping. The pediatric gynecologist will tell the child in detail about the changes taking place, help to select hygiene products, and if necessary, antispasmodics.

When a girl is 15-16, the gynecologist talks about teenage pregnancy, sexually transmitted diseases, selects contraception for girls. This cannot be neglected: the irresponsible onset of sexual activity often causes teenage pregnancy or sexually transmitted diseases (STDs).

Symptoms pediatric gynecologist deals with

But there are signs when you need to see a doctor as soon as possible without waiting for a scheduled visit. These include the following:

  • bloody vaginal discharge (out of menstruation cycle);
  • irregular period;
  • lower abdominal pain;
  • vulval discharge with unpleasant odor;
  • itching and burning of the genitals;
  • excessive body hairiness.

Pediatric gynecologist will examine the child carefully, if necessary, refer her to ultrasound scan, prescribe additional tests (smear from vagina, blood chemistry and others).You can make appointment to pediatric gynecologist by calling at contact number of medical clinic “ON Clinic Mykolaiv”.

The cost of doctor pediatric gynecology appointments in Nikolaev

Pediatric gynecology

Primary consultation with a pediatric gynecologist
300 uah.
Repeated consultation with a pediatric gynecologist
280 uah.
Reappointment of a pediatric gynecologist after a regulated time
300 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation of a pediatric gynecologist
280 uah.
ONLINE-Reappointment of a pediatric gynecologist after a regulated time
300 uah.

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