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Pediatric gastroenterologist in Mykolaiv

The child's body get through external pathogens worse. Due to weak immunity, hypothermia, stress, unbalanced nutrition, it is more dangerous for children than for adults.

Even minor changes (for example, unusual food on vacation) can provoke dysbiosis and digestive upset. In case of signs of the disease, it is recommended to make appointment for consultation by pediatric gastroenterologist.

Symptoms pediatric gastroenterologist deals with

Signs of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract vary depending on the type of pathology and the age of the child. But parents should pay attention to the following symptoms:

  • frequent episodes of constipation;
  • pain in any part of the abdomen;
  • ongoing diarrhea;
  • nausea or vomiting;
  • weight loss (especially dangerous in infancy);
  • changes in appetite (refusal to eat or, conversely, a constant feeling of hunger).

Pain and discomfort can intensify both after eating and worsen immediately after lunch. Also the pathology is often accompanied by other symptoms: weakness, lethargy, apathy, in babies - tearfulness. In case of poisoning, the child complains of headache; in case of bacterial nature of infection the temperature rises.

Procedure of child examination by gastroenterologist

In order to come to consultation by specialist, it is necessary to make appointment to pediatric gastroenterology department. The visit takes place in the presence of foster parents. The doctor gathers patient intake, examines visually the skin, palpates the abdomen. Depending on the condition of the child and identified complaints, additional tests are prescribed.

The examination takes 10-15 minutes. Accompanying persons may ask the doctor additional questions: for example, about the proper diet for the baby.

Tests to be performed for pediatric gastroenterologist

Supportive examinations at pediatric gastroenterology department usually include the following:

  • clinical blood and urine analysis;
  • bacterial flora test;
  • coprogram;
  • analysis of dysbiosis.

In addition to laboratory tests, other examinations can be carried out: for example, radiography of abdominal cavity, ultrasound examination for child. These are informative procedures that allow detecting the focus of inflammation, establish the presence of structural anomalies, neoplasms.

You can make appointment for consultation pediatric gastroenterologist by calling at contact number of medical center “ON Clinic”.


The cost of doctor pediatric gastroenterology appointments in Nikolaev

Pediatric gastroenterology

Primary consultation with a pediatric gastroenterologist
280 uah.
Repeated consultation with a pediatric gastroenterologist
250 uah.
Reappointment of a pediatric gastroenterologist after the regulated time
280 uah.
ONLINE Primary consultation with a pediatric gastroenterologist
280 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated consultation of a pediatric gastroenterologist
250 uah.
ONLINE-Reappointment of a pediatric gastroenterologist after a regulated time
280 uah.

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