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Regular doctor attendance is extremely important for continuous monitoring of children’s health. It is far easier to help a “young patient” at early stages in case of any development complications, when the problem has just been detected.

What symptoms should alert you to visit children’s clinic?

Pediatric medicine, unlike the medicine for adults, has a number of peculiarities. Immune system is not strong enough, that is why it is easier for a child to catch infection. Also, some diseases, if not detected at early stage, may cause significant complications in adult life. In order to prevent it, visit children’s clinic at first complaints of your child. You should also visit children’s clinic if you observe the following symptoms in your child:

  • constant naughtiness;
  • underreaction when asked;
  • word stock of a child is low compared to his/her peers;
  • urinary incontinence;
  • lack of energy;
  • sleep loss or lunacy;
  • attention deficient disorder, hyperactivity;
  • lack of preparedness for studying start in spite of child’s age (developmental delay);
  • speech disorders;
  • frequent headaches;
  • aggression upon peers or adults;
  • problems with memorizing, attention focusing;
  • acute back pain; persistent muscular ache after training or physical activities;
  • any skin disorders.

Why should you visit Pediatric Department of "ON Clinic" in Nikolayev?

Pediatric Department of “ON Clinic Nikolayev” provides comprehensive approach to treatment and twenty-four-hour support of patients. Pediatric doctors of all departments have visits from patients on the territory of one center allowing for undergoing complete examination within 1-2 days. Should the tests be needed, one can have them on the territory of our clinic within the shortest possible time.

Pediatric Department also provides for the following:

  • comfortable play space where you can leave kids during filling out the paperwork at the reception;
  • possibility to make appointment online;
  • individual approach; the doctors try to make examination less stressful for each child.

“ON Clinic Nikolayev” uses up-to-date equipment only (ultrasonography apparatus, plantoscope, encephalograph).

You can check with the work schedule of our doctors and make appointment at children’s policlinic via contact numbers of the Medical Center “ON Clinic Nikolayev”.

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