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After discharge from the maternity hospital, parents should regularly take the child to the pediatrician and other specialists to monitor its development.

Preventive examinations of healthy children are necessarily held once a year, before visiting a kindergarten and school, in this case, it is necessary to make an appointment with a pediatrician who can refer for an examination with the following specialists:

  • neurologist;
  • otorhinolaryngologist;
  • ophthalmologist;
  • surgeon;
  • psychiatrist;
  • gynecologist or urologist.

If the child has become naughty, refuses to eat, gains weight poorly, or his temperature has risen, an unscheduled examination by a pediatrician is necessary.

Diagnostics and treatment of children has its own specifics. A child’s body is different from an adult: it does not have a strong immune system, it is more susceptible to infections, the course of many pathologies is more severe and can lead to serious complications. To avoid this, at the first signs of the disease in a child, contact a private children’s clinic in Kharkiv.

What children’s doctors can you visit in “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace”?

In the pediatric department of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace”, you can visit the doctors in the following fields:

  • pediatric orthopedics;
  • pediatric neurology;
  • pediatric pulmonology;
  • pediatric cardiorheumatology;
  • pediatric endocrinology;
  • pediatric nephrology;
  • pediatric urology;
  • pediatric gastroenterology;
  • pediatric otolaryngology;
  • pediatric gynecology;
  • pediatric dermatovenerology.
  • pediatrics;
  • vaccinations.

You can visit all doctors in one center for examinations, and you can undergo a comprehensive examination in 1-2 days. The opportunity to do tests immediately speeds up the diagnostics and enables to proceed quickly to effective therapy. You can visit the right specialist with prior registration. The medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace” provides its young patients and their parents with the opportunities of modern medicine. For these purposes, we have the latest equipment: ultrasound, X-rays, as well as a staff of experienced and qualified pediatricians.

How is the visit with the child in the children’s department of “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace” performed?

In the “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace”, the most comfortable conditions for each patient are created:

  • there is a modern and spacious play area in which children can have fun while tests are being prepared or while parents are talking with the doctor;
  • electronic appointment to the children’s polyclinic avoids queues;
  • pediatricians find an approach to each child, which reduces the level of stress from visiting the polyclinic.

The visit starts with the history taking: the specialist listens to complaints, examines the child, learns the personal and family history. Then diagnostics is prescribed. Generally, referrals are given for general urine and blood tests, and additional research may also be required, such as blood biochemistry, ultrasound, and radiography.

Based on the results, a diagnosis is made and appropriate therapy is selected. Treatment of children requires a particularly careful approach: due to the aspects of the metabolism, many drugs cannot be taken in childhood, or strict control of their dosage is necessary. Therefore, self-treatment of a baby is unacceptable, as this can inflict even greater harm to the child. If your children feel unwell, do not hesitate to visit the clinic.

To clarify the schedule of the doctors of the children’s polyclinic and make an appointment, you can call the contact numbers of the medical center “ON Clinic Kharkiv Sports Palace”.

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