Recovery of sexual vigor in Cherkasy

Persistent potency is not only a pledge of quality sexual life but also an integral part of the psycho-emotional health of every man. Any violation of erectile function entails a lot of emotions and disrupts the habitual way of life. It can manifest itself in the fact that to achieve an erection it requires more effort, it becomes unstable or completely disappears.

Problems with erection occur because of the negative influence of a number of factors, among which:

  • neurological and mental disorders;
  • diseases of the vascular system;
  • bad habits;
  • hormonal disorders;
  • traumatic damage to the organs of the reproductive system;
  • age changes.

Weak erection may also occur as a result of a sedentary lifestyle or excessive physical load. The same applies to nutrition: malnutrition or overeating affects negatively the sexual functions.

In order to persistent restoration and improvement of erection, it is recommended to carry out treatment under the strict supervision of a doctor. The independent and uncontrolled intake of advertised miracle-drugs often has a temporary effect, and in the longer term, it can turn into a lot more problems.

Consultation of a urologist involves the appointment of a number of examinations and diagnostic procedures, depending on the individual indicators. Among which:

  • ultrasound of pelvic organs;
  • dopplerography of vessels;
  • laboratory tests;
  • biothesiometry.

Treatment of erectile dysfunction has a complex character and is aimed at stabilizing physiological and psychoneurological parameters. All prescription drugs have proven efficacy, which guarantees the effectiveness and safety of therapy. Improvement of potency is also possible due to adherence to the recommendations for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. They are as follows:

  • compliance with sleep and rest;
  • balanced diet;
  • exclusion of bad habits;
  • regular sexual life;
  • moderate level of physical activity;
  • timely treatment of inflammatory-infectious diseases of the genitourinary system.

Erectile dysfunction also has the property to manifest itself with age (after 40 years, most men note a gradual weakening of potency). In order to maintain the ability to persistent erection for many years, experienced doctors of “ON Clinic Cherkasy” will conduct an individual selection of medication aimed at restoring and prolonging the potency. A timely visit to a doctor is the key to a speedy recovery and the return of a full sexual life.

The specialists of the medical center will help to establish the true cause of erectile dysfunction and prescribe an effective medication therapy for the return of “male power”. Register for an appointment with a specialist by phone or through the form on our website.

Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich
Тychuk Vyacheslav Petrovich
Doctor of department of urology

The cost of appointments with doctors in Cherkasy

Primary appointment with a urologist
350 uah.
Initial appointment with a female urologist without ultrasound
350 uah.
Repeated appointment with urologist
300 uah.
Repeated appointment with female urologist
250 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with urologist
250 uah.
ONLINE-Repeated appointment with female urologist
300 uah.
ONLINE Re-admission of a female urologist abroad
300 uah.
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist after a regulated period abroad
350 uah.
ONLINE Re-admission of a urologist abroad
350 uah.

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