Treatment of seasonal viral diseases (A.R.V.I.) in Cherkasy

Seasonal catarrhal diseases are the result of changes in the weather, especially with sudden temperature changes. And indeed, after a long study, scientists established a direct connection between the human body and the weather.

When the seasons change, our body (spring-summer, autumn-winter) is threatened not only by influenza and ARVI, but also pharyngitis, laryngitis and bronchitis. Doctors explain this by active biochemical processes in the human body during this period.

In the cold period, the rhythm of work of all body systems gradually changes. Not only the metabolic rate and blood pressure change, but also the composition of the blood (change in the number of leukocytes and erythrocytes) under the influence of many external and internal factors. In aggregate, this affects human immunity.

In addition, a sharp change in weather conditions activates many causative agents of catarrhal diseases. Due to reduced immunity, a person is more susceptible to colds.

Causes of seasonal viral diseases are associated with:

  • hypothermia, that is, disregard of the rule to dress according to the season;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases that may trigger the intensification of the common cold;
  • failure to comply with preventive measures of viral diseases at home and in the office.

Diagnostics of seasonal viral diseases is performed only by a general practitioner. The symptoms of many catarrhal diseases are similar. Therefore, only a doctor can help to establish an accurate diagnosis.

The main symptoms of ARVI (virus-dependent):

  • increase in body temperature;
  • drowsiness, apathy, fatigue;
  • dryness, irritation or pain in the throat;
  • cough (dry or wet);
  • nasal congestion, lachrymation and sneezing;
  • voice change.

Consultations on treatment of seasonal viral diseases in Cherkasy can be obtained in “ON Clinic Cherkasy” during the first visit to the doctor. If you can not visit the medical center due to feeling ill, you can send for a doctor.

If you do not promptly contact the doctor, complications of ARVI are possible. They include the appearance of shortness of breath, pain in the heart, convulsions, rashes on the skin, as well as loss of consciousness, and the development of serious diseases.

Periodic consultations with a therapist before the change of seasons helps to reduce the risk of ARVI. As timely prevention of seasonal viral diseases is based on enhancing the immune system function, observing the personal hygiene rules, as well as treating inflammatory processes in the body and chronic diseases, as the attending therapist will tell in detail.

You can make an appointment in “ON Clinic Cherkasy” at any convenient time without a queue by phone or using an electronic application form.

The cost of appointments with doctors in Cherkasy

Vaccination Vaxigrip Tetra
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ONLINE Family doctor consultation
320 uah. / 304 uah.
Family doctor consultation
320 uah. / 304 uah.

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