Department of Dermatology

Skin is unique in its structure and functions of the human body organ. Alas, like other systems of the body, it is prone to diseases. And under the skin problems, dermatologists mean something more serious than a tendency to appearance of cosmetic defects.

Armed with years of experience and the latest developments, modern dermatology in Uzhgorod all the knowledge and power concentrated in a multidisciplinary medical facility ON Clinic.

Professional dermatological services provided on the network of health centers ON Clinic in Ukraine include the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of the following conditions and diseases:

  • acne (rush);
  • atopic dermatitis (eczema in adults, diathesis in children);
  • allergic dermatitis (rash);
  • itching of various origins;
  • seborrhea (violation of fat secretion);
  • vitiligo (lack of coloring pigment melanin);
  • eczema;
  • trihofitia (ringworm);
  • psoriasis, or scale tetter (comprehensive treatment without the use of hormones);
  • moles;
  • benign tumors of the skin caused by the human papillomavirus (condillomas, papillomas, warts);
  • molluscum contagiosum;
  • demodicosis (acne mites acne);
  • mycotic lesions of the skin, nails and scalp (a fungus).

In the department of dermatology "ON Clinic Uzhgorod", as appropriate, for each patient there selected an individual treatment program, which is being developed for him personally after an accurate diagnosis and careful history-taking. Thanks to high-tech medical equipment, which is provided with a branch, the final diagnosis can be made already at the initial examination. At the same time there determined also the treatment strategy.

According to the indications, there often prescribed additional laboratory tests. If you suspect oncologic the problematic area of skin is examined with the help of an innovative device: dermatoscope. Digital dermatoscopy allows painless determine the nature of tumors, without the need for surgery (biopsy).

In the clinical laboratory individually for you will be selected the complex caring and therapeutic agents produced by a unique author's formulations (creams, balms, ointments).

Experts of the dermatological department ON Clinic Uzhgorod are well aware how important it is for each person his individuality and unique appearance. Let each remain himself! The team of medical professionals will take on this way everyone who will need help.

The cost of visit:
 Primary examination   150 UAH 
 Primary examination for psoriasis   150 UAH 
 Repeated consultation   100 UAH
 Dermatoscopy   80 UAH 



Experts «Dermatology»


Dermatologist. The second category. Experience 9 years.


Dermatologist. The highest category. Experience 20 years.

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