Proctology department

Medical Center ON Clinic Sumy since 2009 is successfully helping its patients cope with proctological problems and get rid of various diseases of the rectum. The high level of service and qualified experts, the revolutionary methods of treatment – this is not a complete list of factors contributing to the rapid, painless rid of such unpleasant diseases such as:

  • hemorrhoids;
  • anal cracks (anal fissures, cracks in the anus);
  • anal polyps, anal condilloma and anal papilloma;
  • anal fringe;
  • crypto;
  • constipation
  • anal itching.

At the first visit to the department of proctology in ON Clinic Sumy a patient complaining of pain in the anus and pain after defecation goes through painless video diagnostics complex, which includes a sigmoidoscopy, anoscopy, digital examination of the rectum and, of course, a detailed expert advice. Then proctologist in Sumy offers treatment options appropriate to the patient individually, taking into account all the possible features and comorbidities.

The main advantage of treatment in Sumy branch of centers ON Clinic international network of medical centers is a non-surgical relief from diseases of the rectum. Proctologists of the Medical Center use innovative methods of treatment, allowing the patient to take the course without departing from the traditional way of life, outpatiently, painless and most importantly, in a short time and convenience.

Inspection of a proctologist (proctology) will help make an accurate diagnosis, and already at the first visit in proctology center can begin treatment. The procedure takes only 5-10 minutes and immediately eliminates the discomfort, reduces the manifestation of symptoms of the disease and alleviate the general condition of the patient. Discomfort in the anus will no longer annoy you!

In addition, when dealing with problems in proctological department of ON Clinic Sumy, each patient is provided with the following benefits:

  • painless accurate diagnosis. Use of high-tech tools. Rectoscopy allows to display on the monitor state of the rectal mucosa. Thus, the patient is able, together with the doctor to monitor the recovery process;
  • revolutionary treatments. Exclusive non-surgical techniques: infrared coagulation, ligation with latex rings (latex ligation), as well as conservative treatment with unique drugs developed in the international network of medical centers ON Clinic;
  • service and delicate attitude to the problem. For the psychological comfort of the patient we observe strict confidentiality. Make an appointment in advance by calling;
  • the possibility of a phased payment for treatment and discounts on treatment for certain categories of citizens.
The cost of visit:
 Primary examination   180 UAH 
 Repeated consultation   150 UAH

Experts «Proctology»


Proctologist. The second category. Experience 16 years.


Proctologist, surgeon. Candidate of Medical Sciences. Experience 16 years.

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