In Western Europe and the US quality of treatment has long been measured not only by its effectiveness, but also a degree of safety for the patient as a whole. Medical Centre ON ClinicPoltava seeks to maintain these standards for his patients.    
That is why, in the clinic, in addition to traditional treatments, there is a wide range of physical treatments: laser radiation, vibration, vacuum aspiration.       

Their use – in combination with medication, radiowave, hormonal therapy or separately – allows to accelerate the healing process, to enhance the effectiveness of treatment and reduce the likelihood of side effects in several times. 

With the help of physiotherapy, gynecologists carry out treatment of inflammation, herpes infections, adhesive processes, menstrual dysfunction, sexually transmitted diseases and other gynecological diseases. Drugs are digested faster, and there is an improvement of the female body as a whole.

Extremely diverse is a set of procedures used in the urology department:           

In the treatment of prostate diseases – acute and chronic prostatitis, prostate adenoma – effective: laser system on the machine "Mustang 2000", electrostimulation, vacuum aspiration. The combination of procedures has a positive effect on the microcirculation and blood, improves the permeability to drugs, increases the activity of the endocrine organs, has anti-inflammatory, analgesic, decongestant and immunostimulatory effect.
For recovery and increased potency there are primary procedures such as vacuum aspiration, electrical and laser radiation. They improve blood flow in the vessels of the penis, increase the effect of metabolic processes, inhibit muscle atrophy, restore activity of the neuromuscular system of the stimulated organ. In addition, electrical stimulation is used to correct the ejaculation process.

The optimal set of procedures, radiation intensity, wavelength, vibration frequency and other parameters the physician selects individually for each patient based on medical history and diagnostic results data.

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