Modern medicine tends to increase treatment efficiency while reducing unwanted side effects. Doctors in ON Clinic Kharkov go with the times, so in the clinic along with medication, physiotherapy is actively used.

Compared to the tablet, injection or the outer form of treatment anyway containing chemical components, physiotherapy treatments have several advantages:

  • practically harmless to the body, which prevents the development of side effects;
  • give noticeable results after the first treatment;
  • reduce the need for medicinal preparations;
  • enhance the therapeutic effect of drugs, due to which the positive results of the treatment can be achieved in a shorter time;
  • contribute to the improvement of the whole body;
  • prolong remission.

Importantly, physiotherapy can be assigned in treatment of many intimate diseases . They help reduce inflammation and pain, reduce swelling, increase blood circulation and lymph circulation, increase the activity of endocrine system, stimulate the immune system, accelerate recovery processes in the body.

In ON Clinic Kharkov there represented modern devices that allow for physiotherapy at proctologic, urological, gynecological or dermatological diseases simultaneously with the general therapy or separately:

  • Integrated physiotherapy system BTL, including a variety of exposure modes: magnet, laser, ultrasound, phonophoresis, electrophoresis;
  • magneto-laser therapy using "Mustang 2000";
  • comprehensive physiotherapy system "Rod PRO", presented by rectal electrostimulation, vacuum aspiration, photostimulation;
  • cabins of narrow spectral phototherapy;
  • laser comb «HairMax LaserComb».

Each of the physical therapy complexes can be used in treatment of several diseases of various kinds. Physiotherapy is appointed by a specialist after a comprehensive initial diagnosis if indicated.

Experts «Physiotherapy»

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