Laboratory (analyses)

In modern medical center, equipped with advanced medical technology, there refer not only for quality safe treatment, but also for the prevention of many diseases. It is much easier to take preventive measures, rather than get rid of development of the disease and its consequences.

The path to a healthy body in patients of ON Clinic Kharkov starts with careful precision diagnostics. In addition to passing the initial evaluation, including apparatus and physical examination in the clinic, you can get tested. Laboratory diagnosis is able to confirm or deny any preliminary diagnosis, to identify the smallest disturbances in the body and reliably determine kind of the disease.

List of researches in ON Clinic Kharkov is constantly expanding. Cooperation with the best laboratories allow the city to get the most informative and accurate results. Patients are to be tested on both directions of the physician offices in proctology, urology, gynecology, dermatology and trichology and by choice. Analyses are taken in a special treatment room. Results are issued individually for each patient.

If the basis for tests is a malaise or discomfort – permanent or intermittent – doctors of ON Clinic Kharkov strongly recommend before the laboratory diagnostics to refer to the profile expert in order to prevent the development of dangerous diseases.

Experts «Laboratory tests»

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