Examination of the body gives the broad concept of the state of health of the patient. Based on the medical information, the doctor can advise you about proper nutrition, acceptable for you personally, physical activity, recommend a safe means of contraception, and more. Complete examination of the body – it's an investment in your health that is paid off! No need to look for different ways to solve a problem when you can prevent its very emergence.

A survey in ON Clinic gives very accurate results, thanks to the most modern equipment. Recording for a survey is carried out in compliance with the strictest confidentiality, only at a convenient time for you.

The medical center ON Clinic Kharkov uses such diagnostic methods as a colposcopy, folliculometry, echosalpingografy, digital dermatoscopy, Doppler, biotesiometry and vasoactive test.

In order to be screened in ON Clinic Kharkov, it is enough to call the phone number (057) 719-7777 or fill out a form on the website "Appointments".

Experts «Diagnostics»


Endoscopist. The highest category. Experience 11 years.


Endoscopist. The highest category. Experience 13 years.


Endoscopist. The doctor of the highest category. Work experience is more than 30 years.

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