Medical Center

«ON Clinic Dnepr»
D. Yavornytskoho av., 107a

Patients attendance:

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 20:00

Saturday: 9:00 – 20:00

Register by phone call:
(056) 745-88-88*
24 hours

Attendance is carried out
by previous
phone appointment.

How to get to "ON Clinic Dnepr".

You need to get to the 1000 Melochey shop in D. Yavornytskoho avenue, go on the opposite side of the avenue to Silpo and move towards the Ozernyy market. You will pass Silpo and Mir Vina shop. Just behind the shop, there are forged gates and behind them, our clinic is in the courtyard of Leader Business Center.

ON Clinic in other cities of Ukraine

Yaroslava Mudrogo st., 30a 
(057) 719-77-77 *
Nebesnoyi Sotni st., 81 
(0532) 65-35-35*
D. Yavornytskoho av., 107a 
(056) 745-88-88*
Metallurgov st., 29 
(0629) 52-44-44*
Chkalova st., 91a 
(0512) 717-111*
Malaya Arnautskaya st., 56 
(0482) 32-88-88*
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(0542) 705-777*
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